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What is "Kode of Conduct?"


Let us start by defining the term, "Code of Conduct."


A code of conduct is an agreement on rules of behaviour that guide a group and its members. Related concepts include ethical awareness, honour, moral codes, integrity, etc. It helps to set a standard in a community so that members know what is expected of them in that community.


In a world where there seems to be so much chaos, conflict, hate, and division, Kode of Conduct aims to be, not just a community that embraces all, but a refuge, a ray of light and a beacon of hope - for all who seek fellowship, inspiration, a collective voice to speak truth to power, and a place to build the content of their character.


At Kode of Conduct Creative Circle, humanity comes first. We want to listen and care more, be supportive, accepting, and compassionate. KOC provides a space for those who have something to say. We encourage you to speak your truth as long as it is not motivated by hate.


Our Kode of Conduct is respect, compassion, community, and acceptance for one another, irrespective of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Our community's 'Kode of Conduct' is LOVE.

Shaka Phillip-Jonson

Chuka is a freelance writer, journalist, poet, and spoken word artist based in Amsterdam. His dream for Kode of Conduct is to see it become a platform where (young) people from all corners of the earth can come to freely express themselves and be appreciated. An avenue from which love, acceptance, unity, and creativity can spread to all parts of the Netherlands, Europe, Africa and worldwide.

Join us at Kode of Conduct Poetry. Share your talent, spread love and positive vibes and don't forget to also enjoy yourself.

May the Kode of Conduct always be LOVE.

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