Join us at Kode of Conduct Poetry Club A
Poetry and Open Mic Night (postponed)
27 mrt. 2020 19:00 CET
Poetry Circle Nowhere Amsterdam
Kode of Conduct Poetry and Open Mic Night
Programs and Activities
Kode of Conduct Poetry and Creative Spac

House/Discussion Rules


Spoken Word Poetry and Open Mic Evenings

At Kode of Conduct Poetry, we aim to create a safe space for talented minds. It is a place where (young) people can express themselves - via spoken word poetry, music, stand-up comedy, story-telling, drama, etc. Kode of Conduct provides a place for people to fully be themselves while knowing that they are being listened to, and appreciated.


Discussions and Debates

There will also be discussions and debates on political topics (especially those affecting young people in the Netherlands and the EU) as they arise. Our debates and discussions are meant to help people to learn the importance of seeing things from other people's perspectives. At Kode of Conduct, we listen to understand, not to reply.

The aim of Kode of Conduct is to give everyone a voice and a safe space to showcase their creativity. We implore everyone to please show respect, tolerance, love and help create that safe space for people from all backgrounds to feel welcome. 

During discussions, the rules are simple. We listen to one other and do our best to understand the points that others are trying to make. No profanity or interruptions allowed.


The point is not just to listen to reply, but to listen to truly understand.

Kode of Conduct Poetry isn't just a creative space, it is also a safe space for people of all colours, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, etc., to come and express themselves. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

Kode of Conduct Poetry is home to everyone seeking a place to express themselves and spread love through creativity.

Our "Kode of Conduct" is love, peace, tolerance and acceptance. We believe that humanity must come first and that creativity has a major part to play in uniting people of all races, religious backgrounds, sexes, sexual orientations, etc. Everyone is welcome at Kode of Conduct.


Mental Health Evenings

We organise Mental Health Evenings. Our mental health support group welcomes everyone, including young foreign students in the Netherlands who may be going through loneliness, depression and/or burnout. Everyone is welcome to join the support group and attend our meetings. Come share your story and let your voice be heard. You are not alone.