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The Power of Poetry: our Kode of Conduct

Updated: May 7, 2022

In the last few months, I have attended countless poetry readings, spoken word and open mic events where exceptional wordsmiths have done nothing but inspire, entertain and sometimes stir up emotions with their wordplay; I’ve seen talented poets and story-tellers cuddle with words, wink with intonations and entertain with rhymes.

So what really is the power of poetry? Poetry can inspire, comfort, awaken and idolise. Poetry can unite, challenge the status quo, break down the patriarchy and give a voice to those who have been silenced for too long.

The great thing about poetry is that everyone is involved in it somehow. The audience creates that safe space for the poets to share, and the poets return the love by inspiring and entertaining the audience with their exceptional talents.

Who knows? Maybe one word or a line from a poet could be the very reason a person may decide to climb out of the pit of depression, and another may make an effort to change their life for the better.

Poetry intervenes at important moments in our lives to help us rise when we are down. Nowadays, with all the hate and division around us, we need more poetry than ever because it can heal, unite, comfort and uplift.

Poetry offers shelter when there is none and solace in times of heartbreak or mourning. Poetry is a promising means of communication, a message of freedom, a ray of hope when our backs are against the wall, a flash in the darkness and the light at the end of a tunnel.

Poetry is everywhere. It is in us, our ever-changing emotions, and how we express ourselves. It is precisely the diverse interpretation of the art of words that makes it so powerful. A bow to poetry is a bow to the art of words. A bow to poetry is a bow to the creativity in all of us.

Poetry becomes more beautiful when you share and experience it together as a group or community. This is exactly what #KodeofConductPoetry is all about. Kode of Conduct Poetry is a community that is about the spoken word, poetry, love, acceptance, compassion, good vibes and culture. It's a safe space where everyone is welcome and is given the freedom to tell their story. We listen, we support, and we care. Our Kode of Conduct is love.

Like always, our next #KodeofConduct Poetry and Open Mic night hope to create an avenue for poets, storytellers and performers from all parts of the Netherlands, Europe, and the world to share their talents with our audience and community.

Our next event will take place on June 10 2022, starting at 8 p.m. (walk-in from 7.00 p.m.) to 11 p.m. at The Louisiana Lobstershack in Haarlem. The Louisiana Lobstershack is Haarlem's cocktail paradise and home of diversity, culture, live music, and delicious dishes that pamper and make love to your tastebuds. That's the kind of heavenly goodness you never want to miss.

For further information and registering to perform, please send an email to:

Come join us, please. Bring your good vibes and positive energy.

See you there. :)


Chuka Phillip-Jonson.

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